Friday, 5 October 2012

A night of 7” vinyls

Tonight, scrubbaging in the Danish basket of 7" vinyls, we happened to listen to . . .

Of Montreal, I was a Landscape in your Dream (2004)

Thee Moths (Alex Botten), So Many Different Suns (2010)

Lucky Pierre (Aidan Moffat) Sometimes I feel Like a Motherless Child (2000)

The Moody Blues Night in White Satin (1967)
Back in the day, music videos like this could be seen in pubs on a Scopitone, the first of which were made in France. Our Mike remembers seeing one (he would) in Jersey when he was 12 (1963). I didn't know this:

Anti Vietnam war lyrics."Knights in white satin, never reaching the end"...Soldiers that don't make it to the end of their tour in Vietnam are returned in coffins lined with white satin. "Letters are written, never meaning to send"... soldiers write the "letter home" in case they are killed and keep it in their locker, hoping it is never sent. Hidden meaning at a time when the censors wouldn't allow anti-war sentiment in any media.

Longpigs Blue Skies (1999)

George The Summer of Stars (1999)

Empress Drink the Town Dry (2003)

Rothko remix of Hefner's Alan Bean (2001)